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Spendly uses your current service rate to find a lower one. Discover providers who can offer the same service, for 20-40% less.

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Current services available:
Commercial Insurance, Payroll, PEO Services, Retirement Plans, Benefits, Payment Processing

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Verify current rates & terms

For each service selected, upload documentation to verify the rates and terms of your current service provider then submit.

We take it from here and extract the key data points needed for providers to create your custom new offer.

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We privately procure your offers

We send your request to our diverse network of providers. If they can beat your current rate while maintaining equal or better terms & services, they can submit a custom offer.

After we've collect all offers, we present you with the best offer found in network- savings can be as high as 85% per service.

Our expert provider network includes:

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Frequently asked questions

How is Spendly free?

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‍Spendly is 100% free for businesses to use. If you switch to a Spendly network provider, the savings goes back into your business

We are monetized through our provider network by giving them access to use the Spendly platform and submit offers to our clients.

Am I sacrificing provider quality for cost savings?

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Absolutely not. All Spendly Network Providers go through a rigorous interview process and review to ensure they provide the highest level of customer services, service quality and ethics - most of our network providers are industry leaders within their respective industries. Our mission is to have you upgrade your service experience to a Spendly Network Provider and never sacrifice quality for cost savings.

Our network providers have different specialties and target demographics allowing you to get the best offer based on your business industry, needs and activity.

How are offers found for me?

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We utilize marketplace competition with our provider network blindly competing against each other to earn your new business. If they can beat your current rate while maintaining equal or better terms/service, they can submit a custom offer. After we've collected all offers, we sort them by savings (high to low) and share with you the top offers found.

How is my privacy protected?

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After you submit a request, Spendly will screen and extract key data points from your documents and redacts any personal identifiers for yourself and your company.

With Spendly, you will never get unsolicited calls and can choose when to release your contact information after the initial first place offer. You control who gets to contact you and when by requesting a callback time.

Discover providers who offer the same services, for less

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