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Select the financial services you would like to find savings on.

We ask for baseline information about your business like industry, number of employees, annual revenue and years in business.

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For each service, you must submit documentations to validate the current rates and terms of your current provider.

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We send your request to our network of Providers. If they can beat your current rate, they can submit a counter offer.

After the collection closes, Spendly reviews all offers to present you with the top offers found on the market.

Frequently asked questions

How are offer chosen for me?

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We want you to win and win big. The offers you receive are chosen for you 100% based of savings. After collecting all offers from our Network Providers, Spendly reviews and sorts all offers to only show you the best on the market.

Why do I need to submit documents?

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This is necessary to validate the current service terms and rates of your current provider and eliminate the application process. Spendly experts extract key data points from these documents to give our providers the data points needed to determine if they can offer a better deal at a lower rate.

These data points differ by financial service but never contain any personal or business identifying information.

How is my privacy protected?

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Have you ever filled out an online request to then get bombarded with phone calls and emails?

So have we and that's why we built Spendly differently. With Spendly, you will never get unsolicited calls and can choose when to release your contact information after the initial first place offer. You control who gets to contact you and when by requesting a callback time.

Who are the providers?

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All Spendly Providers go through a rigorous interview process and business bureau review to ensure they provide the highest level of customer services, service quality and ethics. Our mission is to have you upgrade your financial service experience to a Spendly Provider and never sacrifice quality for cost savings.

Our providers have different specialties and target demographics allowing you to get the best offer based on your business industry, needs and activity

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