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No one likes to hear they are overpaying by $550,000...

Spendly started when one of our co-founders met the CFO of a $70 million company to speak about payment processing. After doing some digging and market comparison, the company was overpaying by $550,000. They thought they had a good deal because they've worked with this current provider for nearly a decade. Turns out there were numerous equal or better alternative on the market for less.

Spendly was born out of the idea that even if you know your numbers and think you have the best rate, there is probably a better one still out there. We help you find that rate without compromising provider quality or getting bombarded for life because you filled out an online application - we've all been there.

How Spendly Started

Our expert provider network includes:

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We put our clients first

Risk free, zero cost & no commitment

100% free & you keep the savings

We are able to provide our services at no cost to businesses because our providers compensate us to use our platform, not you. A true win/win scenario.

Your time & privacy are prioritized

No unsolicited calls, emails, or texts. We protect personal and business information and never resell data to third parties.

Driven by market competition

When providers compete for opportunities, businesses benefit and are able to significantly reduce rates. Let the best offer win.

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Charlotte, North Carolina Spenly Head Quarters

We are Charlotte based

We are a small team but we also know a company is only as good as it's people. We're looking to expand the Spenldy team:

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