We help businesses save thousands on
Average savings with Spendly:
Average savings with Spendly:
Payment Processing
Spendly how it works

With Spendly, discover the best rates from top providers nationwide

It's simple: Tell us what your business is currently paying and we see if there's a lower rate for the identical (or better) service by a network provider.

We leverage historical data and market competition allowing businesses to discover, switch and save up to 85% per service.

Network Providers Include:

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Switch & save up to 85% on:

Avg savings: 48%
Payroll icon
Payroll + Benefits
1 to 1,000 employees

Payroll from 1 to 1,000 employees. Options to include HR, PEO services, benefits, and 401(k) retirement plans if also administered by your payroll provider.

Payment Processing
Payment Processing
Credit, debit & digital payments

Save on every transaction in person or online. We take into account transaction fees, monthly fees, and any hidden charges that could be eating away at your profits.

Avg savings: 47%
Commercial Insurance
Commercial Insurance
15+ types

80% of Spendly users are able to increase coverage while lowering premiums. Get customized solutions while ensuring that you only pay for what you need.

Avg savings: 16%

Submit current rates then we do all the heavy lifting

In today's market, there are a lot of great providers to choose from. Spendly blends technology and specialist to revolutionize the discovery process and help you find the best provider at the lowest rate.

Through our personalized process, 96% of businesses are able to significantly lower rates without compromising provider quality and service. What do you have to lose?

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No costs & you keep the savings

We are able to provide our services at no cost to businesses because our providers compensate us to use our platform, not you. A true win/win scenario.

Your time & privacy are prioritized

No unsolicited calls, emails, or texts. We protect personal and business information and never resell data to third parties.

Driven by market competition

When providers compete for opportunities, businesses benefit and are able to significantly reduce rates. Let the best offer win.

Happy Spendly Users

Tax Services
Valley Stream, NY

"I was delighted to see significant savings of $10k/year just on our payroll processing and HR services fees while still working with strong, reputable companies.

The process was also very personalized and involved me working face-to-face with another human while still letting technology do the heavy lifting. Spendly did a great job following-up after signing up with their partners and still continues to look for savings in other categories. I’m happy to be working with them."

Retail Store
Charleston, SC
Insurance :

"With Spendly, a payroll company was able to save me 50% a month in service fees! The insurance company happened to notice that my existing insurance company had failed to add insurance for the products I sell in my store! I was shocked as I’m a retail store and to find out that items aren’t protected was alarming.

My savings was a nice surprise but the attention to detail in catching my original policy error has made me a Spendly customer who wants to spread the news."

Dental Practice
Davidson, NC
Insurance :
Payment Processing:

"As a small independent business owner, the savings each month have been exponential. The process was quick and respectful of my time - all the research was at my fingertips with well-established companies to choose from. Bottom line...I am saving $1,200 each month by switching my credit card processor, payroll, and insurance."

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Lower expenses and increase your bottom line

Discover, switch & save up to 85% - let the best offer win.